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Send us a copy of the invoice or your waybill, and we will fix the rest. The invoice/waybill must contain weight, quantity and what type of cargo. In addition, we need information about customs and registration number of the car. It must be stated if we are to make export papers from the seller’s homeland.

We arrange export from Sweden and Finland. If your buying from Finland, and will cross the border between Sweden and Norway, the copy of the export must be with the transport. The same applies if you shop from Sweden and are going over the borders to Norway or Finland.

The next step is information about the company. Organisation number/Identification and customs credit. For private individuals, the social security number is necessary for crossing the border.

Once we have received the necessary information we prepare the paperwork for customs and send you a reference by mail or text message directly to the driver.


Send us a copy of the invoice or a waybill that contains description of the item and weight. Information on which border and the registration number of the car. The exporter must state the organization number/identification (private social security number).

Furthermore, we need information on buyer, preferably organisation number and telephone number. After that we’ll handle the export from Norway and import to the buyer. If transport goes through a third country a transit with a warranty is needed. We can also handle this.

When we have received all the information, we’ll handle all the customs papers. Reference for border crossing is then sent to mail or a text message.

Please note that on some products there may be export fees, but this applies primarily to food.

For some products, you may need a guarantee of the origin of the product to make sure the buyer avoids custom fees. Then a EUR1 certificate can be issued and this is stamped at customs office.

Another possibility is an invoice declaration. Read more here. This can be printed by anyone for values below NOK5000.- but for values over, you’ll have to apply for a permit and issue these.

Application here.


By transit through third countries or by transport from and to Norway a guarantee is needed. We can help you with this. We just need the registration number on the car, item type, weight, and the value of the goods. Weight must be given per product type.

We must know the customs office you will leave from and the one you will be entering back through. The driver should check the relevant customs office opening hours before ordering the T1. Once we receive this information we will send the driver the reference by text message.

Normally we’ll send the invoice to the buyer for all services, but it can be arranged that the recipient pays all or some of the services.

For transport companies, it can be arranged per Incoterms 2011.

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